Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

We strongly emphasize on our privacy policy to maintain the quality of our services.


we are dedicated to transparently detailing the collection and use of your personal information. The types of nonpublic Personal Information we collect depend on the services you utilize. This includes information obtained directly from you, such as identification details and communication preferences, as well as data collected automatically from your browser or mobile device, like IP addresses and browsing history.

We employ this information for specific purposes, including completing transactions, providing authorized services, and enhancing your overall user experience. Additionally, data analysis is conducted to identify trends, improve our services, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Your trust and privacy are paramount throughout this process.


Your privacy empowerment is a cornerstone of our commitment. Depending on your jurisdiction, you hold distinct rights regarding your Personal Information. The Right of Access enables you to understand and request access to your processed data. Corrections to inaccuracies can be sought through the Right to Correction. Your Right to Deletion allows the removal or anonymization of unnecessary data. With the Right to Data Portability, you can obtain and transmit your information to another entity. Respect for limitations on processing sensitive data is upheld through the Right to Limit Processing. These rights, subject to exceptions, affirm your control over your Personal Information.


As of now, our website does not respond to web browser “do not track” signals. While we acknowledge user privacy preferences, our current configuration does not actively engage with these signals. We are committed to transparency and user control, continually evaluating evolving standards. Users are encouraged to review browser settings and preferences for personalized control over tracking preferences. Our dedication to respecting user choices and preferences remains integral to our ongoing commitment to privacy. Any future changes in our response to “do not track” signals will be communicated to users, ensuring clarity in our evolving privacy practices.


Our approach to data retention reflects a commitment to responsible and purpose-driven practices. The duration for which we retain your Personal Information is context-specific, aligned with the purposes for which it was collected. Generally, we retain data as long as necessary to fulfill these purposes, unless applicable law requires a different retention period. When there’s no ongoing business need for your information, we prioritize deletion, anonymization, or secure storage. In cases where deletion isn’t immediately feasible, such as data stored in backup archives, we ensure rigorous safeguards. Your privacy remains a focal point as we navigate the delicate balance between utility and data preservation.


As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Your Digital Way may update this Privacy Policy to align with evolving services and legal standards. Users are encouraged to periodically review the policy to stay informed about any modifications. When material changes occur, we will provide advance notice online, ensuring transparency in our practices. The revised Privacy Policy takes effect immediately upon posting, unless expressly stated otherwise. Your Digital Way aims to keep users informed, respecting their privacy rights and expectations. The “Last updated” date serves as a clear reference point for users to track the latest changes.